The One Who Gave Me a Poem on My 21st Birthday

Isn't it is so great by just thinking of you, I would feel gleeful, joyous and fortunate. 
Dear my dearly friend, just so you know that I'm really glad to know and to be friend with you. 

Non of us know whether we are destined to be together or not.
But I always pray for your success duniya and akhirat, be a successful figure and be someone that your family will proud of. 

Sometimes I pray to Allah asking Him to give me a chance to be someone that will always be by your side through thick and thin, supporting you to achieve all of your dreams, be a place that you will turn to when you are downcast and heavy-hearted.


Can I? 
Am I good enough? 
Would you accept me as who I am? 

Am I should keep waiting for you? 

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